Scarab is a high quality, rechargeable flashing safety beacon, ideal for conscientious dog owners. Scarab ensures all round visibility for total safety. Scarab comes with a two...

Scarab Safety Beacon

Detachable ends with solid PVC centre bite and available in sizes Light and Heavy.


Heavy duty stainless steel feed / water bowl. Available in Large (Mastiffs / Rottweillers / GSDs etc.) and Small (Labradors / Spaniels / Collies etc.)

All you need to maintain your leather equipment beautifully, all packed neatly in its own kit box.

Complete Leather Care Kit includes: 1 x 500ml Leather Oil Dressing, 1...

Leather Care Kit

Invaluable aid to retrieving exercises for gun dogs. Weighted either side of centre so as to encourage a “clean hold”. Made in strong rot-proof waxed canvas, the dummy will...

 Throw Dummy

This whistle has a shrill blast.

Staghorn Whistle with Pea

Tone varies from whistle to whistle.

Staghorn Whistle without Pea

Tone may vary from whistle to whistle.

Genuine Buffalo Horn Whistle

Shaped in the bent penny style. Very versatile if you can use it.

Shepherd’s Whistle

Constant tone according to pitch code. No pea. Excellent value. Order code 210.1/2 or 211.1/2.

Plastic Whistle

The much talked about Silent Whistle. This product comes with the manufacturer’s training leaflet.

Silent Dog Whistle