Dog Training Consultancy

Dubai Police Dog Training Centre under construction

Dubai Police Dog Training Centre under construction

In Brief:

Karenswood (International) Ltd is the oldest established and most experienced organisation of its kind in the world. Methods of inducement created by Karenswood have evolved to become the established practice for Police and Military dog work.

Research and Development:

The Karenswood Organisation is proud to exclaim its prodigious intellectual capital. The unparalleled ‘hands-on’ experience of Karenswood, in conjunction with the depth and quality of its research and development projects for Governments and Multi-national organisations, has proven to be the driving force behind the development of dog related work.

International Consultancy:

Karenswood (International) Ltd provides a free and complementary Consultancy Service to Governments.

Subject to invitation, Karenswood will meet all costs associated with international travel and accommodation for its Senior Consultant when conducting audit / reviews for;

a) National Governments and Government Agencies across the world.
b) Police, Customs and the Military at home in the United Kingdom and overseas.
c) Industry and Commerce - National and Multi-National Organisations.
d) Universities.
e) The United Nations.

A full and frank report will be submitted to the Client detailing the findings of the audit / review.

Organisations considering the training and deployment of specialist dogs may refer to Karenswood (International) Ltd for;

Advice, Supply, Support, Recruitment, Training, Management,

Research and Development, Building Design, Planning and Construction.