Specialist Trained Dogs, Dog Training Equipment & Dog Handling Instruction Courses


Karenswood (International) Ltd provide Specialist Search Dogs, Dog Training Equipment and Dog Handling Instruction Courses to Police, Customs, Search & Rescue Organisations and Defence Forces across the world.

Established in 1953, Karenswood (International) Ltd is a leading International Organisation who’s core element is the training and operational deployment of dogs for specialist assignments, including, but not limited to:

Narcotics Detector Dogs  -  Explosives Detector Dogs  -  Search & Rescue Dogs
Mines Detector Dogs  -  General Purpose Police Dogs  -  Hydrocarbons Detector Dogs  etc.

Every conceivable aspect of dog work is undertaken and the Karenswood Organisation remains at the forefront of the industry across the world. It can truly be said that Karenswood (International) Ltd are originators of concept and pioneers of method  -  possessing an experience and capability unparalleled in the history of the working dog.

The Karenswood Organisation also manufacture what is widely regarded as the world's finest quality dog handling equipment. With practical dog handling experience at the heart of every item designed and produced in our workshops in England, the vast range of Karenswood dog leads, collars, harness, protective sleeves, muzzles etc. are made by hand, using time honoured traditions, in leather, nylon and rope. 

The unique aspect which confirms Karenswood (International) Ltd as the exemplar reference organisation of the world relates to the original research and development projects undertaken by the company. Investigations into the formulation and properties of vapour, together with enquiries regarding the function of biological molecules are a matter of record. This important work supports the development of training techniques and procedures designed to emphasise the importance of understanding and which provide for the enhancement of canine capability.

Allied to this work is the business of constructing Police, Customs and Military training facilities, OR, otherwise, building / developing National Capacity / Capability.

The faculty of the Karenswood Organisation is not limited to Home Office guidelines, indeed not. All methods of inducement employed by Karenswood (International) Ltd were originated by the Company without reference to the work of others. The standards set by Karenswood (International) Ltd form the benchmark to which dog user organisations across the world may aspire.


For Domestic Training and Boarding enquiries please go to www.karenswoodkennels.co.uk