Human Remains Recovery Dogs

Karenswood (International) Ltd Human Remains Recovery Dogs during training exercises.

In recognition of the need to find a fast, reliable method for locating human remains for possible recovery by authorised persons, Karenswood (International) Ltd funded a trial to determine the practical effectiveness of specialist trained dogs. To many people 1963 is still recent in their memories  -  but to put things in perspective, 1963 occurred ten years before the Yom Kipur War, when the combined armies of Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. It was seven years before the decimalisation of the British Currency and just two years after the Russian cosmonaught Yuri Gagarin made the first manned space flight. A long time ago. Indeed, it was not until the 1970s that Karenswood (International) Ltd trained and supplied the very first Explosives Search Dog to the West Midlands Police.

The comparison of dates is necessary to draw distinction between the advances made by Karenswood (International) Ltd and, for example, the British Police, who at that time were using dogs for General Purposes only. Many police forces in Britain would have to wait another fifteen years or more before graduating even to the most basic search dog training. 

Karenswood (International) Ltd has perpetuated its mastery of the subject and has retained its position as world leaders. “It is a proud boast”, says Consultant Alan Sims, “but no less a fact that many organisations using dogs are only just beginning to climb aboard the Karenswood boat that has been cruising at full steam for more than 60 years.”.

In 2017, Karenswood (International) Ltd celebrates its 64th anniversary. Over the years, the Company has provided fully trained Human Remains Recovery Dogs and handler instruction courses to the Governments of numerous countries. For instance, Karenswood (International) Ltd assisted the West Midlands Police Dog Unit with their Human Remains Recovery Dog training long before Pseudo Scents were created  -  instead mammalian flesh was the only available training aid.

Karenswood have also supplied the Kuwait and Syrian Police Forces with fully trained Human Remains Recovery Dogs and handler instruction courses.