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Karenswood (International) Ltd

In 1953, Karen, the Alsatian bitch whose name was adopted by the Company, was born. Her incandescent qualities, allied with her effusive character, combined to produce the second half of a partnership which would influence the fundamental procedures for dog training across every continent on Earth and it continues to do so to this day.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

Karenswood (International) Ltd brought its considerable influence to bear on the original draft document that was the forerunner of the Guard Dog Act 1967.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

In 1954 Karenswood (International) Ltd originated the concept of “Fidelity Tracking”. Photograph of the late Mrs. Joan MacMillan.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

By 1985, the Company had become a veritable institution to which governments and world organisations turned to for assistance and by the mid 1990s, Karenswood (International) Ltd would service the needs of over 80 countries.
In 1961, Karenswood (International) Ltd introduced explosives and narcotics search dogs to the Police forces of Great Britain. It was not until the 1970s when Karenswood trained and sold a yellow Labrador dog to the West Midlands Police that the force acquired its first Explosives Search Dog.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

In 1963 Karenswood (International) Ltd recognised the need for a fast and reliable method for locating missing persons and or human remains for recovery by authorised persons.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

In 1962 Karenswood (International) Ltd conducted feasibility trials to evaluate the potential of dogs as Hydrocarbons Detectors. The results achieved were truly phenomenal. Subsequently, dogs were trained by Karenswood to locate leaks in buried high voltage electricity cables and also to detect the presence of hydrocarbons in illegal fire settings.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

Search dogs trained and supplied by Karenswood (International) Ltd seen here on operational duties in the Gulf.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

It was in 1964 that Karenswood (International) Ltd trained the world’s first dog for the detection of hydrocarbons in illegal fire settings. Because of the lack of interest in Great Britain at that time, the project was marketed overseas. However, due to the unremitting efforts of the West Midlands Fire Service, it was in 1996 that Karenswood (International) Ltd gave Europe its first Fire Investigation Dog.

Karenswood (International) Ltd

Karenswood (International) Ltd, a commercial organisation which has NEVER had any person or dog injured or killed in any mine related accident. This despite the Company’s unparalleled experience in breaching MILITARY mine fields together with its HUMANITARIAN mines clearance experience.

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Anarchy and terrorism is an increasing feature of everyday life in many countries across the world and the properly trained dog has an important contribution to make in the fight against national crime and international terrorism.

Added to the business of supplying world government sponsored departments with specialist trained dogs, Karenswood (International) Ltd also supply specialist dogs to Security Risk Management / Commercial Organisations engaged on Crime Mitigation Contracts.

Dog handler training courses are described on this website and in addition to the Police, Customs and the Military, Karenswood (International) Ltd also offer a wide variety of specialist services to national and multi-national organisations. Further, in the academic field, Karenswood offers both basic and advanced education programmes to Colleges, Universities, Government Departments and Local Council.


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