The Mine Detector Dog

Mr. Ralph Underwood  -  Senior MDD Team Leader  -  Karenswood (International) Ltd

Karenswood (International) Ltd continues to supply, on request, trained dogs to mines clearance organisations across the world.

The properly trained Mine Detector Dog, handled by an experienced handler is a proven instrument. It is versatile in its range of detection and capable of detecting both metallic and non-metallic mines, even in ground scattered with shell splinters and other metal debris. Karenswood (International) Ltd has over forty years experience in breaching Military mine fields and over twenty years experience in Humanitarian mines clearance. Despite this unparalleled history, the Karenswood Organisation has NEVER had any person or dog injured or killed in any mine related incident.

Karenswood (International) Ltd is the only organisation in Great Britain to have held a seat on the Advisory Committee at the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). The Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Demining is a functionary of the United Nations.

Karenswood (International) Ltd initiated the Standards and Implementations Committee (SISC) at the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Demining and hosted its inaugural meeting.

Karenswood (International) Ltd originated the International Mines Action Standard (IMAS), which were adopted by the United Nations.

Karenswood (International) Ltd gave technical advice and practical support to United Nations Mine Clearance Programmes in Angola., Bosnia., Cambodia., Mozambique., and Slovenia.

Karenswood (International) Ltd provided practical field training courses to the Greek Military, gave technical support to the Army of the People’s Republic of China and also Sri Lanka Air Force. Further, as a functionary of the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Demining, Karenswood (International) Ltd, at the request of the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), conducted a total Audit of the NPA Mine Detector Dog Programme in Mozambique. The Karenswood Organisation also provided mine detector dog field training courses for the Pakistan Army. In Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina, Karenswood (International) Ltd conducted an evaluation of the Mine Detector Dog Programme supported by the Marshal Legacy Institute of the United States of America.

Karenswood (International) Ltd conducted its very own mine detector dog teams in Somaliland., Eritrea., and Lebanon and also directed its own specialist explosive search dog teams in Baghdad.